How To Choose The Right Rug Size

How To Choose The Right Rug Size

Kaoud Rugs has sizes for every room in the house! Since each home is different we can help personalize each space to your taste and needs.

What sizes are rugs made in?

Oriental Rugs (This just means they are handmade) come in a variety of sizes.
Smaller sizes are for entryways, bathrooms , foyers, kitchens ect. 2x3, 3x5 and 4x6 are common in these areas. Some weavers do make a 2 ½x4 but it is a limited size. As you move into room size rugs 6x9, 8x10 and 9x12 are the most common sizes for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, studies and den’s.

Some homes have great rooms, large master suites or other large areas that can accommodate a “palace sized rug”. These are generally 10x14, 12x15 or larger.
Runners come in a variety of lengths starting at 6 feet and going up in even increments.( 8x10x12 etc.) These can be used in hall ways, walkways, stairs, along the side of a bed etc…
Shaped rugs are usually round or square, but occasionally you may see an oval or octagon rug.

Machine Made or Tufted rugs are more of a mass market item that are manufactured in a variety of qualities and sizes. These are generally budget friendly but size can be problematic as they don’t come in all sizes and each manufacturer varies on what they offer. 5x8 and 8x11 “or so” are the most common room sized rugs. These is a wide swing in quality in these type of rugs, make sure you choose a quality level that will wear well in your home.

  • Living Room Rugs
  • Dining Room Rugs
  • Bedroom Rugs

Antique Rug sizes

Antique Handmade Rugs can be found in a variety of sizes that seem a little odd by today’s standards. Remember these older rugs were made at a time when homes may have been built to different needs and specifications than we have today. Also, many of the higher end pieces may have been woven for a specific are.

  • Wool & Natural Fibers
  • Hand Knotted
  • Machine Made

Why should I choose a Kaoud Rug?

Kaoud Rugs imports Oriental Rugs directly from our own looms in the world’s leading weaving capitals. Using only the finest wool and silks, we’re so confident in the durability of our rugs that we offer New England’s only “Lifetime Trade-In” Guarantee.

Living Room

There are several ways to set up a living room, but in general the rug should be used to frame out the seating area. The furniture should anchor onto the edge of the rug(Front feet on and back feet off). Accent chairs are an accent so they may sit all the way on the rug, half on half off or even off the rug depending on how they are configured in the room and what type of chair they are. In large rooms you can use one larger piece or even break up the room with several rugs to balance out various areas within the room. 8x10 and 9x12 are the handmade sizes most used in this area, but is you have a larger space rugs as big as 12x15 can be appropriate.

Dining Room

The rule of thumb here is bigger is better. Consider the size of the room, furniture in the room such as a sideboard or a china cabinet then find the largest useable area….it is ok to anchor a sideboard or china on the edge of the rug.

Most importantly, make sure that chairs are fully on the rug when pulled out and people are seated at the table. And 8 x10 will accommodate most tables with 6 chairs, a 9 x 12 is needed if you have 8 chairs and larger if you need even more chairs. Many times you can get a rug a little larger so it will accommodate an extra leaf on days it is needed.


Bedrooms can be set up many different ways depending on the furniture and size of the room. In a modest sized room extending the rug under the bed and allowing it to extend on both side and the foot of the bed allows the rug to frame out the bed and allow for feet to hit the floor when getting out of bed. This makes the room a little more cozy and warm. Typically a Queen bed uses an 8x10-9x12 and King uses 9x12 to 10x14 or larger.

Period homes often will use three or four separate pieces. One at the foot of the bed, one on both side and another near a seating area or a dresser.

In a larger room one larger piece centered under the bed and the rolling out far into the room and add some grandeur to an overwhelming space.


Offices can use a variety of rug sizes depending on what type of office it is and where the desk is placed. Make sure the office chair has room to move and stay on the rug and the rug should be anchored under the desk unless it is a built in.


Hallways are generally well traveled so a rug can really save your floors. They should not extend end to end in the hall. Think 2-3 feet shorter than the actual hall. In extremely long halls sometimes multiple pieces are used.


Kitchens can use rugs along the counters, under tables and around the appliances. Make sure to get a tight weave rug so they stand up to the wear and potential soiling. 6 to 8 foot runners, 3x5 and 4x6 are all common kitchen sizes.


A runner on your staircase improves the look and safety of your home. People and pets won’t slip on the stairs. Make sure to know the sizes of any landings and count the number of steps. Pictures of the area can also help in determining the correct length you need.

A runner on a staircase increases the safety of your home as it minimizes the chances of falling or slipping!

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Shopping For Rugs

Shopping for Rugs

Our experts help you to easily shop, prepare and choose your next rug.

How do I shop for a rug?

Always start with the floors and the rug when decorating a room!!! The rugs are on a reflective surface and will influence everything else in the room. The rug will should be the most durable piece in the room as it will take more wear than anything else you own.

Be prepared to shop (What to bring with you)!

When shopping for rugs, bring things with you to help select the perfect piece. Fabrics or samples, pillows, room sizes and any pictures of the are. Our professional staff can help you choose the perfect rug and help determine size and color combinations that will compliment your room.

· Fabric Samples or Pillows
· Paint samples
· Pictures of the room
· Dimensions of the room

Shopping for Rugs

How do I decide on a budget for a rug?

Cost can be a relative term as some may want to spend less over time and others may want to change up their décor more often. Consider a high quality piece over something that is disposable. Generally speaking the rug should cost a little more than the seating in the room.

Spending a bit more on a high quality area rug is worth it in the long run as they can last a lifetime and have lower maintenance costs. Remember that the rug is on the floor and takes more wear than anything else you own and a handmade rug will stand up to the wear.

If you need to be more budget conscious, a machine made rug will offer the next best durability at a lower cost. Beware of going too cheap in this category or you may end up replacing the rug much quicker than you want to. Make sure the rug has a decent density to it.

Why should I choose a Kaoud Rug?

Regardless of your budget , Kaoud Rugs carries quality rugs in handmade one of a kind rugs as well as high quality machine made rugs. We also can custom make you a rug from our extensive broadloom collection in an array of contemporary textures and designs.

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Living Room Rugs Ideas

How to choose a rug for your living room

Living Room rugs can be the most important piece of furniture in your home. Decorating with handmade, one-of-a-kind rugs can be a fun way to add a splash of style to your rooms. Finding the perfect rug for your furniture can create a warm, inviting feel. There is a perfect area rugs in your desired shape, size and pattern if you just know how to look! To find the right one you simply need to plan and a vision of what you are looking for.


Living Room Rugs Size

When decorating your living room with rugs the most important aspect is knowing how to choose the perfect size. You do not want to choose a rug that is too big and will engulf all of your flooring. You also do not want to go with a rug that is so tiny that your space will start looking awkward. You need to find the right balance by planning your space.

In your living room space our advice is to have the front legs of your furniture on the rug and the back legs off. Living room area rug placement is a crucial for the perfect living area. Smaller rugs without anchored furniture will make your room design feel unfinished and floating. Be sure you measure your room and visualize how the area rug will be positioned. Charlie Kaoud, owner of Kaoud Rugs, explains, “Most new designers forget to visualize the room layout and measure before buying a rug. You’re just asking for trouble when buying larger rugs without measuring first!” We recommend you use blue painters tape to layout your room and visualize your rugs size on your floors. Planning your room and knowing what sizes fit best is essential to any good room design. Your guests at your next party will be sure to compliment you on your fantastic design eye!

Living Room Rugs Color & Size

Your area rug can be the crown jewel and spotlight of your room. Choosing the right area rug style can be key to finishing your interior design. Proper color contrast can draw attention to the accents in your living space. Overmatching colors will create a bland design that you will shortly grow tired of and make accent furniture stand out too much. Our suggestion is to find a rug that will compliment your room’s style and buy it!

  • Pick a main room color and 3-4 accent colors that contrast/work together. Build your room and rug choice around your color palette.
  • Pick a design style and use it as the language of the room. Try to stick with the design and contrast with accent furniture.
  • Do not be afraid try mixing styles but be conscious you do not go overboard!

You can be daring when decorating your living room with rugs. Go bold with your pattern choices and explore new colors. When decorating with area rugs you are trying to add a splash of something fun to your space. If you want animal print then try mixing in animal print rugs. If you want to mix up your color palette in the room just go for it! Be confident when decorating with area rugs. Mixing up different colors and patterns can be an easy way to improve your design!

Kaoud Rugs Wins Best of Hartford 2017 for Best Rugs

Thank you to our amazing customers, community and team! You have helped Kaoud Rugs become recognized as Best of Hartford again! We are proud Kaoud Rugs has been recognized as Best of Hartford 2017 for Best Rugs. We know our customers and neighbors have many choices in the Greater Hartford area and they choose Kaoud Rugs generation after generation!

In business for more than a half-century, this repeat winner with multiple locations carries rugs in all sizes and prices, offering a “lifetime trade-in” guarantee.

We are extremely proud of this accomplishment! Visit our team at a Kaoud Rugs Showroom near you and let us show you why we are Best of Hartford again! We cannot wait to see you.

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best of hartford 2017

Charlie Kaoud, Abe Kaoud, and Maurice Kaoud (Photo: Sean Fowler / Special to the Courant)

Congratulations to all of great Hartford businesses, organizations and people that participated in the Best of Hartford 2017 voting. Special thank you to the community that voted for us and made this achievement possible.

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How to remove Red Wine stains out of Rugs

Our guide on how to remove Red Wine stains out of rugs.

Spills and stains on your rug happen! It can be even more stressful when friends and family are over your house for a gathering. Our simple guide makes it easy to clean your Red Wine mess before it is a problem!

Three easy steps on how to remove Red Wine stains out of rugs or carpet:

  • Step 1: Take a clean cloth (preferably white) to simply blot up as much of the red wine stain from the rug as you can. Avoid vigorous rubbing of the wine stain. We believe you should focus on slowly working the stain and making sure to soak up as much wine as you can. The more of the wine stain you initially soak up, the less you’ll have to remove later with cleaning solutions.
  • Step 2: When you finish blotting the rug with your cloth, pour a small amount of cold water directly on the remaining red wine stain. Your goal is now to dilute what remains of the wine stain. The cold water will also make blotting the remaining wine stain on the rug easier. Continue blotting the area until no more stain will come out.
  • Step 3: Dilute the area with a mild soap and water. You need to just keep blotting the red wine stain! We always recommend testing a small area or spot on the rug first with this mild soap.

Red Wine can be extremely tricky to spot clean if you do not get to the stain immediately. Kaoud Rugs offers Professional Rug Cleaning services that can help make your rug look new again.

Learn more about our Professional Rug Cleaning services →

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