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Rug Weaving

Rug Weave Repair

Our master weaver restores your rug by repairing your rug’s wool to fix moth damaged rugs.

Fringe Repair

Overcast ends to prevent further unraveling, hand sew new fringes & rewrap worn edges.

Rug Repair

Rug Restoration

If your rug sustains any physical damage such as cuts, burns & stains we can fix it.

Why Repair with Kaoud Rugs?

If your rug sustains physical damage such as cuts and burns, or it is starting to wear through the middle – the damage should be dealt with as soon as possible. These types of lesions can worsen very quickly. Even in ordinary use the ends and sides often tend to wear and fray in which case the parts should be overcast.

Our master weavers can restore these areas, hand knotting the wool to replace moth damaged areas. Edges and ends are often the first to show signs of wear. We can overcast ends to prevent further unraveling, hand sew new fringes, or rewrap worn edges.

By doing this promptly, not only will you prevent further damage, but avoid a more expensive repair and possible loss of the rug in the future.

Places in the middle of the carpet that are locally worn or damaged can have new knots inserted and even large holes can be restored so as to be almost as good as new, though such work can be expensive. Sometimes serviceable small rugs can be made from larger worn or runner rugs by cutting away the damaged areas.

The decision of to choose between rug restoration & repair should be guided by the rug’s replacement cost, condition, age, and historic or artistic value.