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How to: Choose Your Custom Kaoud Rug or Carpet

How to Choose Your Custom Kaoud Rug or Carpet

There are many benefits to having a custom-made rug and or carpet, especially if you find one from Kaoud Rugs & Carpet. With the many benefits available, it’s important to carefully consider which ones will be best for your needs and lifestyle. Some of these include quality, size, placement and more! Let's go over some tips that can help when shopping for a custom rug or carpet.


The first thing to keep in mind when purchasing a rug is that you want one with high-quality stitching. This affects the color and durability of the rug over time, as well as stain removal abilities. If you have a stain on an inexpensive rug, it will be difficult to remove without damaging the fabric or making more messes. However, if you purchase a higher quality custom-made carpet or rug, the stain is likely to readily absorb moisture, giving you more time to blot out and clean the spill as shown in our previous post.

The next thing to consider when searching for a custom rug or carpet is the size of the room, the size of the rug or carpet, as well as furniture in proximity. A custom rug can be perfect as a centerpiece in any room, but may work better in larger spaces with neutral colors. In smaller rooms, adding area rugs can help delineate different areas of a room. Custom sizes can also ensure that furniture will fit comfortably. The size of a dining room table is a perfect example of something to keep in mind when deciding the size of your rug or carpet.

The style and overall look of a rug or carpet is important when selecting it for a room. There are many beautiful rugs and carpets to choose from, but you should match the feel of the room by choosing one with similar color schemes, patterns or textures.

The texture is more important than one might think. The American Journal of Emergency Medicine has reported that, on average, 1 million injuries occur due to falls down stairs each year. That makes falling down staircases the second leading cause of accidental injuries in the United States. Additionally, falling down stairs causes an average of 12,000 deaths per year- making it one of the most common household accidents. Installing a custom staircase runner at your home or business would help prevent countless injuries and fatalities to you or a loved one.

There are numerous benefits and things to consider when choosing a rug or carpet that's tailored specifically to your size. When using quality rug or carpeting, you can rest assured knowing it will keep its color longer and even last longer. The size will help it fit better with furniture, especially in the living room, where style and texture also play an important role in tying a rug seamlessly with the décor.

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