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5 Decorating Mistakes You’re Making Today

Home Decorating Mistakes
5 Home Decor Mistakes You’re Making Today

When decorating your home you should not be afraid to make some mistakes. The first rule of building a space is to make it your own. The items in the home should reflect your personal style and taste. Over time trendy styles begin to fade and your personal taste will evolve. Everyone has areas in their home they can improve upon. Here are the 5 most common home decor mistakes and how you can try to avoid making them.


Your rug is too small for your space.

Most homeowners mistakenly go too small with area rugs because they are afraid of having too much rug in a room. Adding a rug that is too small for the room can lead to discomfort and an unbalanced room design. When couches and chairs cannot be properly anchored they can make the room feel cramped. Charlie Kaoud of RugSale.com explains, “Your goal with your area rug should be to have a rug large enough to fit the front legs of your couches and chairs comfortably. You will also want to have enough rug to move around your coffee table easily.” Smaller rugs paired with larger tables will swallow up most of your rug design. Make sure you measure your room and visualize the area where the rug will be positioned. Your guests at your next party will thank you.

Your design has no design focus.

Over designing is over thinking. You become too focused on how perfect a room needs to be, you start to lose focus on your initial design goals. First, you should always start with a room plan. Choose your preferred design direction, draw it out and do your best to stick with your style. Choose the wall colors and start to build a color palette for your room. Color palettes will help you make better decisions at the furniture store and help to avoid clashing colors. With a well thought out plan, you’ll know which pieces look the best with each other.

Your design is too cluttered.

It is crucial to remember that less can be more. When decorating your home you may be under the impression that the more the merrier. When it comes to cluttered rooms, we simply have to disagree. We all have walked into a store and saw an accent piece we just had to have! But you need to ask yourself, “Does a rustic stone buddha statue really fit into my room design?” When you place a number of clashing accents in one space you may think you have the best of the best but in reality it causes a distracting outcome. You are building a room not a museum. Some empty and white space can be just as powerful and help enhance the beautiful accent pieces you already have.

Your furniture looks great but it's uncomfortable!

We have all been there.. You are strolling through a store and see that amazing piece you fell in love with on Pinterest! You are so in love with the look that you are willing to forgive that it feels like sitting on a throne of nails. Our opinion? Get rid of the item nobody will ever enjoy. Your home is supposed to be inviting and comfortable. When the appeal of the design wears away you will be left with a nonfunctional piece of furniture. Keep on looking and fall in love again just this time find something a little more comfortable!

You're overmatching.

One of the most common mistake homeowners make is going so far out of their way to match everything in the room. Earlier we suggested to choose a design and a color palette to help discover items that fit your room style. What we did not say was to go out of your way to have every piece match perfectly. Mixing & matching can be a fun way to change up your room design and create a signature look. Mixing up different colors and patterns is an easy way to add depth to your design. You can pair a geometric rug with modern furniture or even a floral rug with vintage accent pieces. Keep your room colorful, fun and inviting! You will be glad you changed it up when all your friends’ matching living rooms become so boring over time!

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