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How to choose the perfect area rug for your home

How to choose the perfect area rug for your homeDecorating with area rugs

How to choose an area rug style

According to sales data the most popular area rug styles are traditional, such as Persian or oriental rugs, and contemporary rugs which feature more modern designs that boast more vibrant colors. Traditional rugs have been staples of living rooms and dining rooms for decades but in the past few years interest in contemporary rugs has peaked.  More modern rug styles have jumped to the forefront with their bolder styling, striking patterns and elaborate designs.

Choosing a style simple comes down to your personal taste profile and the furniture choices throughout the rest of the room.  For example if your living room space features more traditional furniture choices, such as wooden coffee tables, classic paintings and rocking chairs, you will be better served pairing these pieces with a more traditional rug. If your furniture styling includes sharper edges, stainless steel accents and bolder styles you will want to consider a contemporary area rug.

In the past year transitional rugs have emerged as a favorite for designers who are looking to straddle the line between traditional and contemporary style. These rugs often showcase traditional rug patterns with bolder colors or more modern flair. Transitional rugs give you a best of both worlds styling and can work great in more modern homes.


How to choose an area rug size

Most homeowners mistakenly go too small with area rugs because they are afraid of having too much rug in a room. When choosing an area rug size we suggest showing between 1’ to 3’ feet of flooring around your rug. If your living room is 12 feet wide by 14 feet long the recommended size for your area rug would be 8′ x 10′ feet or 8′ x 11′ feet. Your rug should be large enough to have the front legs of the furniture on the rug and the back legs off. The front legs should come on to the rug at least 3 inches so that when sitting your feet are comfortably on the rug. This will allow the furniture to be anchored on the rug to prevent the sofa or chairs from sliding back and scratching your floors. This will also allows for your feet to fully be on the rug so that the heels of your shoes will not get caught on the edge of the rug.

You have much more sizing freedom in smaller areas like doorways or kitchens. Most 2’ x 7’ runners can work great in front of a door if you choose to go bigger than a traditional 2’ x 3’ doormat.

How to choose an area rug color

When picking your area rug you may find it difficult deciding on which colors will work best. Choosing colors will be one of the toughest decisions you will have to make. We recommend finding colors that complement your walls, furniture and living space. It is important to note that you do not have to match all colors perfectly. You do not want a room where your walls are burgundy, your sofa is red and your rug is red. Most designers suggest creating a contrast between your furniture, your paint color and your rug’s color. You can create contrast by pairing colors that work well together such as burgundy & gold, black & blue, and cream & green. Remember that your color choices will initially set the feeling and tone of your space.


Final Thoughts

Most importantly, remember that picking your perfect area rug should be fun! You want to help define your space with your rug. Pick fun colors and styles if you plan on having lots of parties with friends & family. Choose more traditional colors and styles if you plan on having more traditional furniture. Your rug and living space should reflect your personal style and passions!

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