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How To: Extend The Life Of Your Rug

How To: Extend The Life Of Your Rug

Rugs hold sentimental value to some or even possibly be family heirlooms, especially Oriental rugs. To extend the life of your rug there are several things you can do: You should always clean spills properly and as soon as possible. Rotating your rugs on a regular basis can help prolong their lifespan. Pads under your rugs help them in numerous ways and can potentially prevent insect infestations. Most importantly, you can get your rugs restored by professionals like Kaoud Rugs.

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It's always important to clean spills on your area rugs as quickly as possible because the stain won't have a chance to set in permanently. That means having some non-toxic cleaning agents available on hand just in case, like thick paper towels or any white absorbent materials. It's also important to blot—don't scrub—any stained areas before laundering them; scrubbing can damage the rug fibers.

Rotating your area rugs regularly is a great tip that many people aren't aware of, with multiple benefits. Rotating them will even out the wear, instead of the same spots always taking a beating. This will help distribute the weight and minimize any Potential Sagging. It can help with sun fading, bugs harboring underneath furniture, and high foot traffic areas.

It is important to place a pad underneath any rug that's placed on top of hardwood floors, as this will help maintain structural integrity and prevent wear and slipping. Pads also limit air space between rugs and flooring, which can reduce the chances of bugs infesting your home. If you're trying to place a rug on tile or carpet surfaces, it's important to remember to put a pad underneath it. Many area rugs placed on top of carpets can cause wrinkles and ripples - which could damage the flooring beneath them over time. Rugs can also be sneakers-slippery when standing on them long term!

Over time, dirt and dust accumulate within the carpet fibers. This can lead to the fibers splitting and deteriorating over time, as well as exposure to allergens and other contaminants, which will make matters worse. By removing this accumulation of dirt and debris, you can help prolong the life of your carpet. If it's too late for routine maintenance, you can always find a company with rug restoration services.

There are several things you can do to extend the life of your rug: You should always clean spills properly and as soon as possible. Rotating your rugs regularly can help prevent wear and tear. Pads under your rugs can also help absorb shock and protect the rug's fibers from damage - especially if it is frequently stepped on or dragged across surfaces. Most importantly, getting a rug restored by professionals like Kaoud Rugs will ensure that it lasts for many years to come.

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