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How To: Use Rugs To Tie Your Room Together

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How To: Use Rugs To Tie Your Room Together

Rugs or carpet often give interior spaces their personality. Some it's easiest to begin with the rug when designing the interior of a room. The color plays a larger role than just the aesthetic of the rug alone. The size also plays a large role. The style of the rug itself can set the tone of the room.

When looking for your dream rug, you have to consider several factors, like the desired color scheme of your room. At Kaoud Rugs, we carry a wide collections of area rugs in all types of colors, style, shapes and sizes located here. The color of the rug also need to go with the walls. This means the color has to contrast the color of the walls to bring attention to it, or compliment the wall color with a similar one. If the rug is the same exact color as the walls the room would look a little too dull. 

It's easy to see why some decorators prefer to begin with the rug or carpet. It can help set the tone of any room through color, texture, pattern and size. This not only affects the decor, but the furniture as well. If you purchase the rug first, It's easier to build off that. Your decor and furniture should match the tone of your rug. You wouldn't want an abstract modern rug in a rustic styled room, would you? 

It's very important that you get a rug that is large enough to work with your room as well. Kaoud Rugs offers custom handmade rugs and carpet. There are factors you have to consider when deciding the size of your rug or even how many rugs would look best.  If you're thinking about a dining room, you'll most likely want the rug to cover the entire table as well as chairs, while If your designing your bedroom, you might like a rug at the end of your bed. This will be most comfortable on your bare feet. This is a great example, because it shows that while you can buy one large rug to put under your bed that extends passed the bed, you can also buy multiple area rugs to keep at each edge of the bed.

When using multiple rugs, there are several tips to keep in mind. To help the rugs compliment each other, you can get similar colors and styles. If you want your room to appear larger, you should use smaller area rugs to expose more flooring. If you're looking to separate an area, try adding a smaller area rug by the separate entrances or even a runner for the hallway. In large rooms with multiple conversation areas, you can place two of the same rugs in the room, being the centerpiece of each conversation area and giving the room an overall elegant look.

Rugs can help set the overall tone of a room. The size, color and style need to work with the furniture and decor styles as well as the colors of the room or space. The number of rugs give you more options when making your room look exactly how you envisioned. We hope these tips and tricks helped you in decorating your room, whether you're looking for a traditional look or something modern and clean.  For more content feel free to visit us on social media located at the footer below or shop online here!

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