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How To Get Wine Out Of A Kaoud Carpet Or Rug

How To Get Wine Out Of A Kaoud Carpet Or Rug

steps to cleaning red wine out of a kaoud carpet with images and tips and steps

Wine & Carpets have both been around for thousands of years... literally. Can you imagine how many carpets have been stained between then & now? It's no wonder that wine is such a cliché stain. Here are some of the easiest ways for cleaning red wine out of a Kaoud carpet.

1. Water & Rag/Paper Towel

First, you're going to want to get some cold water & paper towels. You then dip a reasonable amount of paper towel into the water & squeeze to cover the stain. Then you take some more (dry) paper towel & dab the wine to watch it disappear before your eyes as seen in the video above. It just goes to show, the quality of the carpet or rug will certainly help dictate how long it will last.

2. White Wine/Baking Soda

The white wine method seems a little silly, but it does neutralize the stain. The first thing you're going to want to do is to pour the white wine directly on the red wine stain. Try to use just enough to cover the stain. Like the water method mentioned above, you then blot the stain with a dry paper towel to remove the stain. If the stain isn't completely gone, try cleaning it by leaving some wine and baking soda on the stain for about 5 minutes before vacuuming it. After vacuuming, blot the stain dry once again to clean it completely.

3. Vinegar/Dish Soap

The vinegar and dish soap method begins with you blotting the stain with a wet rag or paper towel. Then do the same with a dry one to remove as much of the stain as possible, just like in our first method. Next, make a solution with a tablespoon of dish soap, a tablespoon of white vinegar & two cups of water. After mixing the solution, use a small amount to cover the stain & blot it until the stain is gone. 

4. Salt

This method is usually used when the stain has dried. First, apply just enough water to wet the stain. Then you cover the stain with a pretty decent amount of salt & let it sit. We advise you to let the salt sit for 8 hours or overnight. The salt should then have a pinkish hue to it due to the absorbed red wine. You can then vacuum up the salt & you're all done!

info logo with tips text next to it

  • Clean the spill as soon as possible. The quicker you begin cleaning the spill, the easier it will be to remove the wine.
  • Blot, do not rub the stain in.
  • Use cold water to keep the chemicals on the rug from spreading. This is good for both your lungs and the cleaning process.
  • Many like to use hydrogen peroxide when cleaning their rugs or carpet. We do not recommend this due to hydrogen peroxide being a mild bleaching agent that can damage the rug or carpet.
  • There is a chance that cleaning products or stain removers will cause discoloration.
  • If all else fails and you have to use hydrogen peroxide or some type of cleaning product, try testing on a small section prior.

We Hope this article helped you and answered all your questions! For stains you can't remove on your own, feel free to reach out for professional rug cleaning. Follow the link & save 20% on full-service rug cleaning!

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