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How To Design Your Room With Area Rugs

How To Design Your Room With Area Rugs

Decorating with Area Rugs

Finding The Perfect Size Rug

Interior designers suggest showing between 1 and 3 feet of flooring around your area rug. For example, if your living room is 12 feet wide by 14 feet long the correct size rug for your room would be either an 8′ x 10′ or 8′ x 11′.

Your area rug should be large enough to have the front legs of the furniture on the rug and the back legs off. The front legs should come on to the rug at least 3 inches so that when sitting your feet are comfortably on the rug. This also allows for the furniture to be anchored on the rug to prevent the sofa or chairs from sliding back and scratching your floors. This also allows for your feet to fully be on the rug so that the heels of your shoes won’t get caught on the edge of the rug.

When choosing an area rug for your dining room it is important to choose a rug large enough to hold the table. If your table is 7 feet long you want to have enough rug on each side for the back chair legs to comfortably rest on the rug. It is uncomfortable to have the front chair legs on the rug and the back chair legs off the rug. Refer to the following guide as a handy reminder of the best size rug for your dining room table.


Table Length

Rug Size (approximate)

up to 40”

5’ x 8’ - 6’ x 9’

up to 60”

8’ x 10’

up to 72”

8’ x 11’

up to 90’”

9’ x 12’

up to 108”

10’ x 14’


How To Choose Area Rug Colors

Designers suggest using neutral rugs to tone down vibrant furniture. Your area rug choice can be used as a tool to unify colors, create a mood for the space and add character to your home.

Are you searching for an area rug to brighten up a darker room or tone down a lighter area? The choice of the color red may be the perfect choice for darker rooms and hallways. Red rugs often wear well and do not show stains as easily as some lighter colors.

Are you looking for a rug color that will match your personality and attitude? Laid back and relaxed rug buyers typically favor warm colors and earth tones. Attention and designer seem to prefer blacks, blues, whites and greys. The colors should match your personality and add comfort for you to the room.


How To Choose Area Rug Designs

 Neutral walls and furnishings allow a bold rug to take center stage. Bold rugs are an easy and elegant way to add design and color to a room. Another advantage of a bolder area rug is that you don't have to commit to a strong color with your furniture. You can allow the area rug be the centerpiece of the room.  Bold colors and designs can warm up a room and make a statement in your space.

The DO’s of bold rugs

  • DO choose bold rug patterns in neutral room designs to add design excitement
  • DO match the rugs secondary colors with the room furniture colors
  • DO explore different style collaborations. Oriental rugs can pair wonderfully with modern furniture.
  • DO remember to have fun and explore your creative side. Every style is different and personalize the room to your tastes.

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