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How To: Rug Cleaning Tips

Rug Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your Rugs is a little easier than cleaning your handmade Rug – but it still requires attention to detail. A good oriental rug is made completely of wool and it hand-knotted to ensure long life and durability. Therefore, if you have a quality handmade rug (especially a Kaoud one) cleaning it will be relatively simple.

Because your handmade rug is so tightly wound dirt, dander and dust will be waiting for you at the top of your rug and with regular vacuuming, every two weeks or so, you can easily keep your handmade rug clean. If you cannot regularly clean your handmade rug with vacuuming, then every six months or so, take your rug and throw it over a banister or rail outside your house and beat it with a broom to loosen up the material. You will likely need to do this several times to ensure a clean rug.

When cleaning your handmade rug – do not steam clean your handmade rug. Handmade rugs are very durable and their wool pile ensures that they can endure a lot, but hot water and/or steam will loosen the fibers in your handmade rug, potentially damaging it.

It is best to clean your handmade Oriental Rug with a mild soap detergent and cold water, laundry detergent mixed with a bucket of cold water is best. Do not use any harsh cleaners or chemicals such as bleach. The best plan is to create a spot cleaner kit and leave it in your closet should you ever need it. The best spot removal kit will contain a dry white cloth; grease or oil remover; a mix of powdered detergent solution in a spray bottle (1 oz water for every tsp of detergent); a mixed ammonia solution in a spray bottle (1:3 ratio) to fight food stains or juice stains: nail polish remover. Keep them all in a box in a closet or under a sink for safe keeping – but close by so, you can react quickly.

That’s the key with nearly any stain on a handmade rug is to move quickly. Most handmade rugs will take some time to absorb an agent that causes a stain and they have natural lanolins (oils) to protect them from immediate damage. Often a quick dabbing with a dry rag and even a mild cleaning agent – done quickly – will save your handmade rug from a permanent stain.

Animal Accidents:
If you are fortunate enough to find an animal accident (vomit, urine, fecal matter) quickly on your handmade rug quickly flush it out with cold water to disperse the material and dab with a dry rag. The sooner, the better. This type of material has acids in them which will quickly compromise your handmade rug’s dyes and wool. Use a mild ammonia solution (ratio 1:3) to clean the affected area and dry it quickly with a hair dryer or fan.

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  • Naturally Green Cleaning on

    It’s always great to come across informative and practical articles like this one that provide valuable insights on rug cleaning. It’s evident that the author has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry, and their tips and tricks are sure to be helpful for anyone looking to keep their rugs looking clean and fresh. By sharing this information, they are helping readers take better care of their belongings and prolong their lifespan, which is a real asset. Thank you for taking the time to put together such a helpful article!

  • Eve Mitchell on

    I had no idea that you need to beat your rug every six months. I got a rug in Pakistan that’s made of really beautiful material, but I’ve never deep-cleaned it. I have no idea how to approach cleaning it, so it might be good to hire a professional to do it. https://mastercleaners.com/persian-oriental-rug-cleaning/

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